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Fadi al-Hamwi

Irrational Loop. Als Fadi al-Hamwi nach mehreren Jahren aus Europa zurück in das Haus seiner Eltern nach Damaskus kommt, bemerkt er dort eine Veränderung an einem zentralen Objekt. Der Teppich im Eingang des Hauses zeigt plötzlich deutliche Spuren der Abnutzung seiner Oberfläche. Durch seine lange Abwesenheit wird ihm nicht nur die Vergänglichkeit dieses vertrauten Objektes bewusst, sondern auch der langsame Wandel in der eigenen Identität, welche an anderen Orten ebenfalls neu geformt wird. Oft nimmt man diese Entwicklung im tagtäglichen Interagieren selbst kaum wahr. Anhand einer aus Silikon gegossenenen Replik erfährt der Teppich eine erneute Transformation und Fadi Al-Hamwi holt auf diese Weise das sich verändernde Erinnerungsobjekt in (s)ein neues temporäres Zuhause.

english version:

Irrational Loop. When Fadi al-Hamwi returned to the house of his parents in Damascus after several years of living in Europe, he noticed a change in a central object of the household. The rug at the entrance showed distinct signs of wear on its surface. Al-Hamwi’s long absence has not only made him aware of the transience of this familiar object, but also of the slow change of his own identity, which is likewise reshaped in other places. In everyday interactions, we often do not consciously perceive these changes ourselves. As a cast silicon replica, the rug undergoes a new transformation and Fadi al-Hamwi in this way brings the changing object of memory into a new temporary home.

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Fadi al-Hamwi

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Fadi al-Hamwi   „In the old houses of Damascus, the carpet is an important part of the house furniture and its existent is considered a part of an old popular tradition. At the end of each winter, and before summer, the carpet is washed, cleaned , and rolled to be stored for the next winter , for fifteen years I did the previous process with the carpet I had, it was a while till I noticed that the decorations and the main lines of its formation are actually disappearing because of the scratching and the cleaning that takes place every year,plus, other factors related daily usage was also a part of its deformation, like stepping on it and playing over it ,back then Ididn’t feel the changes directly since I was always close to it and had an almost daily contact with it. But, when I went back home after two years of absence, I noticed changes in it, since my parents left the house as it is, and all the furniture wasatits place, that act of neglect was a factor to really understand TIME and its effect. I realized that the carpet has lost itsidentity and its original features because of the yearly usage of it.“

Irrational Loop_Fadi al-Hamwi, 2016

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