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Screening – Zygmunt Baumann

The Trouble With Being Human These Days

20.01.2015 um 19 Uhr

»We live in a world which no longer questions itself, which lives from one day to another managing successive crises, without knowing where it is going and without trying to plan the itinerary«.

The Trouble with Being Human These Days is a film essay proposing a radical, and yet informed diagnosis of modern uncertainty. The film draws parallels between Bauman’s personal life and his concepts of society, putting them both in a context of the turbulent history of Europe. It is a story that reveals dark undercurrents of contemporary capitalist societies, and offers metaphors encapsulating the most common traits of our age – the times of liquid modernity.

Directed by Bartek Dziadosz (Light Matter Productions) and produced by the Bauman Institute.

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