Galerie Wedding

Finissage mit Workshop und Talks


24.01.2015 um 19 Uhr

You are invited to engage in a conversation on permaculture, meaning re-generative, self maintained habitats and alternative life forms triggered by 3 guest speakers who will present their visions of futures.

The session is intended to unfold in a learning process, observing the insides of these projects, analyzing the voids in context, shaping solutions and gathering your input during an open conversation with Katalin Hausel and James Lewis – unMonastery / social innovators, Anthony Baarba – programmer, prototype developer and Pedro Jardim – social entrepreneur

This is the last event and finissage of Care instructions: the art of living together – A botanical exhibition on the coevolution processes between a growing community of representative cultural organisms in Berlin, the conditions of the soil where contemporary art is produced and presented, and (eco) systems of care. Placing the emphasis on self-organized structures that understand art (and life) as a community oriented activity, we proposed a program of events that would present three layers of care. Questions on responsibility, sustainability, representation, value and the fragility of survival are behind all proposed events.

About the speakers:

Katalin Hausel and James Lewis – unMonastery, a place-based social innovation, is aimed at addressing the interlinked needs of empty space, unemployment and depleting social services by embedding committed, skilled individuals within communities that could benefit from their presence.

Social innovation space + best social functions of traditional monastery. Collaborates with towns to solve local challenges.

Anthony Baarba – As a Creative Director at Ozone develops concepts, design user experience and lead teams who rapidly launch prototypes. He is a mobile mentor at startup bootcamp, curator of co-found me, worked in Politikos.

Pedro Jardim – Manobra is an agency for Business Development and Innovation Management in the intersecting fields of sustainability, community building and circular economy. From hands-on operational to strategic our work is characterized by creative, radical, collaborative implementation(s).

Screening – Zygmunt Baumann

The Trouble With Being Human These Days


Wiki Space Mapping

Collaborative Underground


Politische Diskussion über Förderung, Transparenz und Pflegesysteme




The Art Of Living Together

13.12.2014 bis 24.01.2015

Galerie Wedding