Galerie Wedding

Wiki Space Mapping

Collaborative Underground

17.01.2015 um 19 Uhr

Ein Fest der rhizomatischen Kräfte, die den kollektiven Boden der unabhängigen Kunstproduktion repräsentieren. Wiki space mapping der kollaborativen Initiativen. open source-Party und eine Pilzsuppe.

A celebration of the rhizomatic forces representing the collective soil of independent art production. Wiki space mapping collaborative initiatives, open source party and a mushroom soup.

Collaborative Underground Party is an invitation and celebration of the cultural actors who understand production of art as a community- oriented activity, care about conditions, are open for dialogue with other groups and public bodies, build resistance and state the position of »we«, propose and test solutions, strategies and develop new infrastructures.

Activation – Embodiment – Engagement

KuLe, Das Baumhaus Berlin, REFUNC, Asia Art Platform NON Berlin, Group Global 3000, Reflektor and more

Maik Gyver and DJ Benji

During the evening we would like to invite actors of Collaborative Underground of Berlin to come together, meet, talk, dance, dine & wine, and give short introduction to theirs specific field of work.

We have prepared for you a mic, projector, PC, food, music and drinks.


Finissage mit Workshop und Talks



Screening – Zygmunt Baumann

The Trouble With Being Human These Days


Politische Diskussion über Förderung, Transparenz und Pflegesysteme




The Art Of Living Together

13.12.2014 bis 24.01.2015

Galerie Wedding